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In some cases it may not be necessary for you to pay for your own fees.

However if you are going to be responsible for our costs, we can work these out in a number of ways:

  • The most straightforward method is for us to charge for the time that we spend on your case at an hourly rate, in which case you pay for the work that we do on your case.
  • We could offer to undertake your case for an agreed fee so that you know how much it will cost from the outset.
  • In some cases (mostly Employment Tribunal claims), we can conduct your case for a contingency fee. Therefore you would pay us nothing if we lost your case and a percentage of your winnings if you won.
  • For certain types of cases, such as accident claims and other litigation we can accept cases on a "conditional fee" basis where we will not be paid if we lose the case and will charge a "success fee" if the case is won.
Do not let costs put you off pursuing a claim. Please ask about the costs, we can offer various arrangements to suit most Clients - we want your work and we will advise what is the best arrangement for you. You should always check whether you have Legal Expenses Inusrance which may underwrite part or all of your legal bill.

We offer fixed fees for the following types of transaction:

  • Wills:
  • Uncontested divorce without children:
  • House sale or purchase:
  • Compromise agreements

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